IPT is a large valve distributor located in the southwestern USA. We have a wide variety of product lines which we combine with a diverse in-house engineering and our machine shop to fabricate, assemble and test a wide variety of related components (e.g. actuators), systems (e.g. manifolds), subassemblies, and/or subsystems.

Valves are the single most fundamental component in any process, from transportation of product under controlled conditions, to the isolation of piping segments or other process components. Incorrectly specified or underperforming control valves can cost the process plant operator dearly. Incorrect maintenance, poor product quality, operating disruptions, non-compliance with proper safety procedures, the list goes on.

IPT is known for tackling the toughest problems, so whether you need a new system/subsystem or a custom stand-alone application, our in-house computer-aided drafting is produced first and, after review and approval, (corrected and/or revised before new materials are ordered), proceeds to the shop floor.

Every part and piece required is produced from raw materials is assembled, tested and painted. While most welding is done by IPT, where specialized procedures are required IPS has established subcontracts with local certified welding specialty companies to perform these duties.

Need a Class 1E actuator mounted to an N-stamped valve? IPT is NQA-1 compliant and a member in good-standing with NIAC.

The following valve manufacturers have signed distribution agreements with IPT for the southwestern United States:

Crane -
Well-known Crane Brands are:
Jenkins - Pacific - Flowseal - Centerline - DuoCheck - Aloyco - Stockham - Crane

Flowserve -
Familiar Flowserve Valve Brands are:
Vogt - Edwards - McCanna/Marpac - PMV - Nordstrom - Worcester - Gestra Automation
Serck/Audco - Shearstream - Valdisk/BX - Durco/Sleeveline - Durco/T-Line - Durco/Microfinish

Val-Matic -
Popular Val-Matic Names are:
American-BFV AWWA Class 150 Butterfly Valves & Accessories (Worm Gears, Valve Box, Stem Guide, Floor Stand Extesion Stem Assembly, Chainwheel, Extended Bonnet), Cam-Centric Plug Valves & Accessories.
Val-Matic Air Valves: Air Release Valves, Air/Vacuum Valves, Anti-slam Combination Air Valves, Surge-Suppression Valves, Wastewater Air Valves, Combination Valves, Well Service Air Valves, Vacuum Breaker Valves, Vacuum Priming Valves
Check Valves: Dual Disc Surgebuster Swing-Flex Silent Check (Globe-style & Wafer) Non-slam High Performance Leak Tight Tilted Disc
AWWA Rubber-seated Ball Valves
Sure Seal Foot Valves

Copeland Ball Valves -
Metal seated ball valves with sealing areas coated with carbides or ceramics – typically required for abrasives, corrosives, high cycle rates or extreme temperature and pressure. Simple, well built, rugged designs, metal seats, rigorous testing, and carefully chosen materials designed to simulate the actual process conditions. 
Click on the above link to visit their website, and be prepared to see and learn a great deal of important information about these unique valve products.

Dyna-Flo -

Specializing in Fisher* process control equipment; reconditioning an existing control valve or Fisher* valve parts, Dyna-Flo has a solution.

*Fisher is a registered trademark of Fisher Controls International, Inc. and not associated or affiliated with Dyna-Flo in any way, nor has Fisher Controls sponsored, approved, or otherwise reviewed any products made, sold, or re-manufactured by Dyna-Flo.

IPT is impressed with this company; take a look at their website.


Nil-Cor is the world's largest supplier of High Technology industrial valves made from strong, light weight composite materials. Our graphite and fiberglass reinforced thermoset and thermoplastic resins are resistant to acids, caustics, bleaches and more than one thousand other industrial and waste treatment chemicals, at half the cost of traditional alloy valves.


Nearly all Apollo® valves are produced in U.S. facilities that are second to none in the industry, including ISO-registered, state-of-the-art foundries and manufacturing facilities in Pageland and Conway, S.C. The company's headquarters is located in Matthews, N.C.


Kunkle Valves is a leading manufacturer of quality safety and relief valve products for industrial and commercial applications, including steam, air, liquid (including cryogenics) and non-hazardous gases.

Full Port Slurry Valves and C-Valves for throttling.

Rovalve specializes in standard and special application knife gate, slide gate, wedge gate and check valves. Rovalve products include both cast and fabricated valve styles along with a complete custom valve design and manufacturing capability.


High quality knife gate valves at competitive prices since 1982.


50th Year Of Automatic Control Valve Design and Manufacturing Worldwide


Double Block & Bleed Valves - Plug Valves - Ball Check Valves


SPEARS maintains over one million square feet of manufacturing facilities in four states, nine distribution centers across the USA, and worldwide product distribution. Offers a complete selection of 1/8" through 12" injection molded fittings and fabricated fittings through 48", many specialty products, and a full complement of manual and mechanically actuated thermoplastic valves in a variety of types, sizes, and configurations.

APCO/Valve and Primer Corporation was Established in 1895. In the beginning, the firm's name was AUTOMATIC PRIMER COMPANY, or in an abbreviated form....APCO.

G.I.E. Diaphragm - 

Global Industrial Equipment, Inc. valves are the culmination of up-to-date technical know-how combined with its modern automated system of production, which is the latest in the valve industry today.


Danfoss Flomatic Valves is a diversified manufacturer of water valves & waste water valves.


HD Fowler Company is the oldest and largest independent, family-owned distributor of waterworks, irrigation, pumps and wastewater treatment equipment in the Pacific Northwest, and one of the largest in America.


Inline offers a complete line of stainless and carbon steel ball valves with various end connections. INLINE has the broadest selections of multi-port ball valves in the industry, and is recognized for its high cycle, ISO 5211 direct mount valves, which eliminate the need for costly brackets. They also offer an exceptional line of sanitary valves designed for pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and food & beverage applications. 3A approved valves are available.


Sure Seal specializes in components for pneumatic tank trailers, rail cars, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, and any application requiring the processing, movement and storage of dry bulk or liquid materials: butterfly valves, lined ball valves, actuators, aeration systems, relief valves, hopper tees, couplers, and sanitary valves.

M & J Valves -

Pipeline Gate Valves

Ball Valves

4-Way Diverter Valve

Watts/Circor Valve Group - & & http://www/
Watts Brands & Products are:
Pressure Regulators - Backflow Preventors - Watts Ball Valves - Watts ACV (Muesco)
Watts Circle Seal - Mueller Steam Specialty Circor Brands are:
Atkomatic - Nicholson Steam Traps - Hoke - Hydroseal - KF Industrial & KF Contromatics


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  • Scientists at Oregon State University have identified vast reservoirs of water beneath the ocean floor; in fact, there may be more water under the oceans than in them.


  • There is no scientific evidence to support many doctors advice to drink eight glasses of water a day. Drinking significantly more water than is needed can lead to fatal cerebral and pulmonary edema (amateur marathon runners have died this way).


  • Watering certain types of plants (the so-called hairy plants) during the day can cause them to burn. Droplets clinging to the leaves can act as little magnifying glasses, focusing the sunlight.


  • In 1999 the Natural Resources Defense Council found one brand of "spring" water that came from a well in an industrial parking lot near a hazardous waste dump.


  • Before 2009, federal regulators did not require water bottlers to remove E. coli.





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In the first quarter of 2014, IPT made changes in our pump distribution; gone are the Peerless Pumps and emphasis is currently being made on the Toyo line (including repair...

IPT-USA Testimonials

Tiano Laboratories, LLC

IPT's mobile RO trailers did the impossible.  They treated 250,000,000 gallons of high TDS, ultra high silica wastewater at nearly 60% recovery.  Amazing stuff.