Valve Actuators

  • IPT can design, fabricate, and install custom brackets such that practically any valve actuator can be mounted to any valve body for just about every application imaginable over a wide spectrum of materials of construction: cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, thermoplastic and noble metals.  Brackets are machined to customer's or manufacturer's specifications and when completed, the valve assemblies are calibrated and tested to insure the highest quality, reliability and performance possible.

Please note that effective July 1, 2010, IPT will no longer represent or perform distributor functions for EIM.  Thank you.

IPT Actuators Available:PT Gearbox


LIMITORQUE The Next Generation in Smart Actuation

An operating unit of Flowserve, a $2+ billion-a-year company strongly focused on automation and support of the valve industry.

Flowserve is the world’s premier provider of flow management services.

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IPT is your best choice for all your valve actuator needs.  We also represent the following top-of-the-line actuator companies, and we carry many of these products in stock in our facilities in Tempe, AZ or Ontario, CA. 


The World's Leading Manufacturer of Solenoid Valves, with over 40,000 products.  Go online and try their configuration tool, or take a look at their 0.55 W ultra low power solenoid, or their miniature solenoid valve. 

Unitorq is at the forefront of technological innovations, providing superior products, support and dependable service for pharmaceutical, chemical refining, wastewater treatment, food processing and many other industries.                          

 Yet another outstanding product from Flowserve!

Pneumatic and hydraulic quarter-turn actuators utilizing state of the art manufacturing and corrosion resistant materials to produce actuators that are recognized in the industry for their long life.

  • MAXTORQUE  The best valve actuation gears in the world. Novel designs and technology, commitment to partnering and manufacturing capability:
    Quick delivery on high performance gears;
    high torque (1,000 to 1,000,000 + ft/lbs) fast close
    (<60 seconds with standard actuators)
    Reduce turns to close by up to 75%
    2x more efficient than other available gears
    Proprietary self-locking feature 


If you are located in the southwestern United States, IPT is your best choice for valves and valve actuators; we guarantee it.

Some notes on the various Types of Actuators:

A manual actuator employs levers, gears or wheels to facilitate movement.

An automatic actuator has an external power source to provide the force and motion to operate a valve remotely or automatically. Power actuators are a necessity on valves in pipelines located in remote areas: they are also used on valves that are frequently operated or throttled.

Valves that are particularly large may be impossible or impractical to operate manually simply by the sheer horsepower requirements. Some valves may be located in extremely hostile or toxic environments, which preclude manual operation. Additionally, as a safety feature, certain types of power actuators may be required to operate quickly, shutting down a valve in case of emergency.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Actuators - The hydraulic and pneumatic actuators are often simple devices with a minimum of mechanical parts, used on linear or quarter-turn valves. Sufficient air or fluid pressure acts on a piston to provide thrust in a linear motion for gate or globe valves. Alternatively, the thrust may be mechanically converted to rotary motion to operate a quarter-turn valve.

Most types of fluid power actuators can be supplied with fail-safe features to close or open a valve under emergency circumstances.

Electric Actuators - The electric actuator has a motor drive that provides torque to operate a valve. Electric actuators are frequently used on multi-turn valves such as gate or globe valves. With the addition of a quarter-turn gearbox, they can be utilized on ball, plug, or other quarter-turn valves.


In the first quarter of 2014, IPT made changes in our pump distribution; gone are the Peerless Pumps and emphasis is currently being made on the Toyo line (including repair...

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Tiano Laboratories, LLC

IPT's mobile RO trailers did the impossible.  They treated 250,000,000 gallons of high TDS, ultra high silica wastewater at nearly 60% recovery.  Amazing stuff.