Cryogenic technology emerged more than 100 years ago when German physics professor Carl von Linde created a device that could liquefy and separate the gases in the atmosphere.  Several decades went by before the technology evolved into the industry we now know.

After World War II, industries developed the need for nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen, and other, decidedly more exotic gases.  These needs continue to expand week after week. Cryogenics now plays an important role in the world's economy.

IPT services the cryogenic industry from strategically-located distribution centers (also see locations tab); in the southwestern United States (Tempe, Arizona), the Mid-western U.S. (Valparaiso, Indiana), the Eastern U.S. (Pottstown, Pennsylvania), the West Coast (Ontario, California), and the Pacific (Honolulu, Hawaii).

To download a complete and current (2012) cryogenic SOQ, please scroll down to the first 'Attachment.'

No matter how you slice it, IPT is your "go to" distributor for cryogenic equipment! 

Our product lines include, but are not limited to the following manufacturers:

ACME CGA Fittings Circor - 

Brennan Industries - 

Check-All -

Cashco -

Cash Valve (Pentair) -

Conoflow -

CVI - Flo-Lok -

Flo-Safe -

Goddard -

Grove -

Hamlet -

Lamot -

Magnatrol -

Oseco -

Powell -

Rego* -

Rockwood Swendeman -

Superior -

Tescom -

Twin City Hose -

Unisource -

Victor -

Western Enterprises -

Western Valve -

U.S. Paraplate -

* A PDF Copy of Rego's Cryogenic Bulk Transportation Brochure is available for download at the bottom of this page.

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In the first quarter of 2014, IPT made changes in our pump distribution; gone are the Peerless Pumps and emphasis is currently being made on the Toyo line (including repair...

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